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The decision you take in life does not only determine your present position but has greater repercussion on the future and above all your destiny. Be careful of divine instructions and the solemn warning of the consequences; God told Adam to eat the fruits of all the trees in the garden except of the tree of knowledge of good and evil: Gen 2:16-17.
However, another option was offered by Satan which made Adam to be faced with a need to decide; whether to take God’s word at face value and submit to His authority or opt for self assertive, independent action. Of course, the latter was chosen and the consequence is death. Wrong decision in life does not only mar a glorious destiny, but ends up to truncate it. Every decision taken in life has generational chain effect connecting one individual to another and that accounts for the curses man inherited from Adam.
The events unfolding by the day in our world are indicators to the rebellious acts of humanity and sheer hostility to the Word of God, most especially among the youth. God’s standards are being perverted in order to suit man’s greedy and unholy desire and the world standard cleverly accepted by many. There can never be any better time to decide and take a stand for God than now. Your decision to be on the Lord’s side may cost you something especially if you are a teenager, e. g, your choice of friends, music you listen to, the way you dress, the way you talk, party to attend, etc. but at the end ,it is worth the pain. This is the best time for teenagers to decide for God in order to better thier future and destiny. Just like Joshua said that “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”(Joshua 24:15), you must decide for God today.


    God almighty is all knowing and created everything for a purpose. The bible says He created everything and ‘’ …saw that it was GOOD’’ Gen: 1 this phrase was repeated severally in this first chapter of the bible to emphasis the importance of how God views His creatures.
    Your experiences of the teenage years are part of God’s plan for your life and so should not turn around to be a source of reproach. Jesus Christ when He came in the flesh went through whatever challenges you are going through and it was recorded that despite all odds He grew in favor with God and in favor with man Lk 2:52 this implies that He had a cordial relationship with God His heavenly Father and the people around him including his earthly parents.
    Anchor your life to your creator and ask for the wisdom to be able to scale through your teen years successfully without leaving negative traits that could mare your adult years. God in his infinite wisdom placed your parents above you, (they have passed through their own teen years with experiences of which some they cannot even share with you but to guide you against falling a victim also) and expects you to respect and obey them Eph 6:1 and you will in turn grow up to have your own children someday and expect the same thing from them.
    The irony is teens never agree with the way their parents treat them but when they grow up to be adults, they do what their parents did to them to their children and even set their own lives as examples for them to learn from their mistakes and the cycle continues. In conclusion I leave you with the word of God which states and I quote ‘’Follow peace with all men and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord’’ Heb 12:14 .

  • Your Relationship and your Destiny

    Hmmm, it feels like love… but is it? What type of question is this? I imagine your line of thought, but wait a minute. Let us go back to the basics. A few years ago, young man , you thought girls were silly, talkative, cry-babies you enjoyed playing harmless tricks upon . And my girl , you thought boys were dirty, noisy pests that were only keen on computer games. So what happened? The girls somehow have become interesting attractions; your centre of attention . They tickle your imagination and you are convinced it is a matter of life and death to be in their good books. If you think I intend to diss the boys and spare the girls well you are wrong. So my fair lady how come those dirty boys have now undergone a metamorphosis: no longer vermins, they have become your knights in shining armour
    Your guess is spoton; we are talking about RELATIONSHIPS. So what is the meaning of this word making all the buzz in your world? Let’s check our dictionaries:
    1. A relationship is the way in which two or more people or things are connected or the state of being connected.
    2. A relationship is the way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave towards each other.
    3. A relationship is an emotional and sexual association between two people.
    4. A relationship is a romantic or sexual involvement between two people.
    5. From the above, it is clear that relationships extend beyond the excitement and fantasy that most teenagers associate it with.. You already have relationships with many people and groups. If you are born again you are in a relationship with Jesus Christ. You have relationships with your parents, your siblings, extended family, classmates, church group, friends in your neighbourhood and more.
    6. Every relationship must have a purpose and is governed by laws. If you break the laws, you will not derive the maximum benefit from that relationship and you might suffer a great deal as a result. For example, your continuing relationship with Jesus rests on the platform of your continuous trusting and obeying Him.
    For you to enjoy the best your parents have to offer, you must continue to honour and obey them too.
    The day you break the law of showing proper respect to your parents is the day you post your invitation to trouble.
    Your relationship with your friends and classmates will also thrive and be fulfilling if you remain a kind, considerate and dependable person. When you make fun of others or exhibit any trait of superiority you will discover most of them would want to steer clear of you. Imagine if you let members of your drama group down by not showing up on the day of an important performance, without a reasonable excuse.
    Your action will hurt the group and affect your relationship in an unpleasant way. What about your relationship with your teachers; if you are attentive in class, hardworking and the type that submits homework, projects and assignments on time, you will reap the reward in their willingness to go the extra mile in helping you.
    7. Did I hear you grumble? Enough of the preamble let us get to the real thing. The type of relationship that is uppermost on your mind is the relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Okay, let’s bring it on!
    8. A change did happen in your life at puberty: your body changed physically, hormones raced through your veins, your mood was on a roller coaster- there were high days and low days, your peer group became more significant to you and you wanted to be accepted amongst them. You also developed interests in new things, and for some of you, friends of the opposite sex started paying you more attention or you found yourself being attracted to them. So, what do we make of all these? How do you relate with your mates in a way that will not harm or jeopardise your future? How do you ensure that your relationships with friends of both sexes do not become minuses and things you are ashamed of in future?
    9. The proper place to begin is to ask yourself questions, for the right questions will lead you to the right answers. Before I suggest the critical questions you need to answer for yourself, let us consider the following:
    10. A. Ecc 3: 1. To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven. (KJV)

  • Fulfilling one’s destiny on earth

    Fulfilling one’s destiny on earth, is the greatest achievement one can ever have. In this wise it is considered “GOOD SUCCESS”. Destiny is the purpose for which a person is created. Destiny is that uniqueness about a person. Destiny is that which is meant for only you and in which only you can do. Destiny is God’s plans for a living being. Your destiny is who God wants you to be. The only total success in life, the only good success in life, the only thing God expects from you is to fulfil your destiny. Now, such as our thumbprints are different, so our purpose here in earth differs. So beloved, don’t be envious of the runner in the lane next to you; just focus on finishing the race.
    Don’t say my friend is already in the spotlight, I’m still here in the dung. NO!! Remember that the way we are to live our lives should be according to God’s purposes, no wonder the bible says “the thought of God towards us is of good and not of evil to lead us to an expected end”. Beloved, GOD DOSEN’T MAKE JUNK!! Now beloved, fulfilling your destiny is not a self-centred thing; HOW??
    1. When you get a new product or machine, you definitely need the manual to put you through. That is why you need the instructions from your creator on how to fulfil your destiny. Beloved, God made you for a purpose.
    2. As we let our own light shine we uncon¬sciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fears, our presence automatically liberates others. Beloved you need to know that some destinies are attached to yours. So, as you fulfil your own destiny you unconsciously inspire other people to do the same.
    However the devil moves to and fro seeking whom he may devour, looking for those that can be easily distracted from fulfilling God’s purposes for their lives. The devil sets dis¬traction for every being that wants to fulfil God’s purposes.
    Moreover we are not ignorant of the devices of the devil, because all the devil came to do is to kill, steal, and destroy. Distraction such as money, fame, sex, and so on are all from the devil.
    Nonetheless, the bibles says “flee from all appearances of evil” and that beloved is the only solution to escape the trap of the devil. It is left to you to fulfil God’s purpose for your life.
    Beloved, God has substitutes, HE is just like a coach, if you are not playing well on the field of play, HE will substitute you. That is why you have to be plain before God in order to fulfil your destiny because GOD DOESN’T PLAY DICE!!


    MEMOERY VERSE: 1Thessalonian 5:17
    Bisi happened to be an SS 2 girl in science department, and she has been failing mathematics. When it was time for her to write her final exams, she prayed to God for her to pass her exams especially mathematics. Then she heard a message that when you add fasting to your prayers it hastens answers, she decided to fast at least half day. She did the exam and tried her best but at the end of the day she had 39%. Bisi was discouraged and she asked, does God still answer prayers?

    Why doesn’t God really answer most people’s prayers?

    Do you know how to pray in a way that will getS you result?
    Is it all prayers that God answers?
    What are unanswered prayers?
    Unanswered prayers are prayers that do not receive any response from God.
    They are prayers that do not yield results or testimony.
    They are dead prayers. They are prayers do not have God’s approval.
    There are different ways by which God answers prayers; God answer prayers by saying “YES”, “NO”, or “WAIT”.
    Prayer is a two way communication. Unless there is a signal from the receiving end we can’t say that we have communicated. Answers to unanswered prayers?
    1. Many people are not children of God. Matthew 7:7-9.
    It is not by coming to church that makes you a child of God.
    2. Many fail to keep God’s commandments. 1 John 3:22.
    3. Our sins block our prayers from God. Isaiah 59:1-2, John 9:31.
    4. When we pray outside faith. James 1:5-7, Mark 11:22-24.
    5. When we pray and ask with unforgiveness in our hearts. Matthew 6:14-15.
    6. When we ask according to our own will. 1John 5:14-15, Mathew 6:10.
    There is a story of a boy of about 6 years of age. He asked his father to give him a diamond wristwatch and the father didn’t give him. He kept asking very year, his father said wait.
    Then he got discouraged and forgot about it. Now when he finished the university education, and got married, on the day of his marriage ceremony, his father gave him a parcel containing a HOLY BIBLE and the diamond wristwatch. Then he remembered he asked his father for the gift a long time ago, he then asked his father why he was giving him the gift at this time.
    His father said this is the time you’ll know the value of the gift. This is what God does to some of us.
    7. Failure to persist in prayer. Luke 18:4-8, 1Thessalonians 5:17
    When you know that it is the will of God and you haven’t received it, you need to persist in prayers. Remember the story of the unjust judge.
    8. Failure to praise and appreciate God. Matthew 6:9.
    9. When we fail to pray with the seal of the name of Jesus Christ. Philippians 2:9-11.
    10. When we pray to show-off. Matthew 6:5-6.

    What to do to get answers to prayers:

    1 Be a true and genuine child of God. Acts 4:12.
    2 Live a life of holiness and separate yourself from the world. 1John 2:15-16.
    3 Commit yourself to asking and doing the will of God always.
    4 Cultivate the habit of studying your bible and praying regularly.
    The man who knees regularly before God can stand before any man.
    God loves His children and He will always answer our prayers according to His own will.


    TEXT: proverbs 17: 17, proverbs 18: 24

    It is certain that every one of us have a destiny to fulfil and it is also certain that everyone has a friend even God spoke of Abraham as His friend. A friend loveth at all time.
    Friendship is about a union, about a relationship, it is about sharing ideas, it is about loving one another.
    When we talk about a friend, we are saying that there is a man or woman that loves you and has your interest at heart, a person that cares for you, that shares in your joy or in your sorrow. A person that is ready to go out with you whether the going is good or the going is bad.
    Facts about friends:
    1. The destiny of a man has a direct or indirect link with the type of friends he makes.
    2. Your friend may add positively or negatively to your life
    3. God cherish relationship and friendship, in fact God originated friendship.
    4. Every relationship has a string attached that is every relationship between two people has an influence.
    5. The greatest friend ever known is our Lord Jesus Christ Romans 5:8
    6. For a relationship to stand there is a driving force called LOVE.
    7. God Almighty disperses loneliness.
    Who are we to make friends with?
    1. God Almighty because He is our creator.
    2. Jesus Christ
    3. With our brothers and sisters: human beings
    Who are we not to make friends with?
    1. Make no friendship with an angry man proverbs 22:24
    2. The world I John 2:
    3. The devil
    4. With sin
    We can have positive friends or negative friends. If you have negative friends, they are no longer friends but foes. The moment the person I call my friend is not adding but subtracting from my destiny, such a person is not a friend but a foe.
    Examples of good friends in the bible:
    1. David and Jonathan I Samuel 18:1
    A good friend will be someone that does not envy you. It is someone that loves you truly and is ready to share with you.
    2. The friends that brought the sick man to Jesus Christ from the roof. Luke 5:18-20
    Examples of evil friends:
    Amnon and Jonadab 2 Samuel 13


    TEXT: Isaiah 30:1-8   Memory verse: Ephesians 4:25

    Prayer point: psalm 120:2 – oh God my Father deliver my soul from lying lips and from deceitful tongue in the name of Jesus. The only total success in life, the only good success in life, the only thing God expects from you is to fulfil your destiny.

    We are in a generation that is rebellious unto God, a generation that is rebellious to parents and teachers. A generation that is full of rebellion, a generation that wants to hear sweet things.
    A generation that does not want to hear the truth and a generation that loves deceit that is embedded in lying and in deceitful acts. Full of evil act, vandals, and a generation that loves immorality. We are in a generation where lying and deceit has become the order of the day. The book of REVELATION chapter 22 warned us that all liars will have their portion in the lake of fire.
    When you love lies and you make lies the bible put that person as a child of the devil.
    Technology has increased the level of lying: some time ago I was in a bus where one man sat beside, then he had a phone call, saying to the person on phone that “please don’t be annoyed I will give you your money please I am in the toilet now” whereas he was in a bus.
    What is a lie?
    A lie is falsehood. Lie is deception. It is untrue. It is to fake, to cover-up and to mask.
    Some righteous people in the bible lied for example Abraham lied about Sarah being his sister, Isaac did the same thing, so let there be no one that says he/she has never a told a lie before.
    The origin of lie
    Lie started with the devil. Lie is attached to the spirit of the devil called the lying spirit (John 8:44). The devil is a liar and the father of all liars. Why do men lie?
    1. For fear: Abraham and Isaac lied because of fear.
    2. To please men: making yourself to be what you are not.
    3. To gain recognition.
    4. To puff-up.
    5. To be respected.
    6. To deceive other.
    For whatever reason anyone may tell lies, none is acceptable unto God.
    Note the following things about lying;
    1. Lying is hateful unto God: proverbs 6:16-19, proverbs 12:22.
    2. Lying is forbidden according to God Leviticus 19:11, Colossians 3:9
    3. Lying has a father, and the father of lies is the devil John 8:44
    4. Lying is loved by the unrighteous
    The consequences of lying
    1. It brings shame.
    2. It brings distrust proverbs 26:28.
    3. Untimely death Acts 5
    4. Demotion and destruction proverbs 12:17-23.
    What then shall be the end of liars: the bible says that all liars will have their place in hell fire (Revelation 22:15).
    Prayer point: (your hand on your chest) oh God my Father, deliver me from lying lips and from deceitful tongue in the name of Jesus.